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This website “Flying with the wind” was inspired by a recent trip from Boston, Massachusetts to Australia.  In scheduling this trip, I discovered that I could save about eight hours of flying time by flying east the entire way, instead of flying east one way and then reversing course and flying back the way I came in the usual “round-trip” fashion. So I flew from Boston to New York to Dubai to Perth (Australia) to Sydney to Dallas and back to Boston.  During the trip I logged about 25,000 miles, and actually flew around the world!  

In Jules Verne’s classic book, Around the World in Eighty Days, Phileas Fogg makes a bet that he can travel around the world in eighty days. Rather than bother with long preparations, he actually sets out on his trip the same day he makes the bet, saying he would buy his clothes along the way. He plans to follow this route around the world:

• London to Suez to Bombay to Calcutta (rail and steamer)
• Calcutta to Hong Kong to Yokohama (Japan) to San Francisco (steamer)
• San Francisco to New York to London (rail and steamer)

Mr. Fogg has some very interesting adventures on his trip, and the book makes a fascinating read.

I was reminded of this book recently when I was asked to give the keynote speech at the Flow and Measurement Forum in Perth, Australia. In planning my itinerary, I found it beneficial to follow the example of Phileas Fogg and go east the entire way. Of course, Phileas Fogg didn’t have the advantage of airplanes – the book is set in 1872, which was 140 years ago

The letter below tells more about my experiences. It is excerpted from the Flowtimes newsletter for March 2013.  

Read About the Australia Trip Here

You can see the entire newsletter at http://www.flowtimes.com/flowtimes/march_2013/welcome.htm.

Other Trips:

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From the August 2012 issue of Flowtimes

Another interesting read:

Tao of Measurement


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